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The Spring 2016 Week 12 Standings and Week 12 Stats are now posted. 


The Final Rosters are now posted and can be found on the download section of this site.

You will not be permitted to add any player to your team's roster beyond Week 5 unless there are extenuating circumstances that have to be brought up to the League officers prior to that person playing.  Any non-roster player will have his/her points deducted and transfered to the opposing team as per League rule.  It is your responsibility to ensure that only rostered players participate from then on.  Please feel free to address any questions or concerns to the Officers.  With that....


Keep in mind as the season progresses that there are a minimum number of matches that must be played in order to qualify for the playoffs.  Please keep this in mind so that you can have as many players eligible as possible for the playoffs.  The breakdown is as follows:

Div A - 8 matches

Divs B,C,and D - 7 matches


Please remember that ALL TEAMS must text a pic of their sheet to the number listed on the sheet by the Friday after the match.  Failure to submit a sheet will result in a  2 point penalty.  The names of teams who have not submitted will be placed on the Wall of Shame located on the Stat section. 

We at the Cross County Dart League wish everyone a safe, fun, and competitive season.  If there are any questions/concerns please feel free to contact the officers so that we may provide clarification.  The phone number found on your score sheet will be the fastest way to get into contact with the officers.  Shoot Well!!! 


As promised, here are pics of just some of our outstanding female dart players!



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