The CCDL All Star Points are as follows:

For 01 games 95 and up.

Cricket: R6=120, R7=140, R8=160, R9=180, 3 Corks=120, 4 Corks=140, 5 Corks=160, 6 Corks=180, Triple+3 Corks=160, Triple+4 Corks=180

*Please note that the darts have to count in order them to be considered for all-star points. Also, note that if your round exceeds the amount to win and if all the darts count, then you may count the total round. For example, if you need three corks to win and you throw four, the four corks count only if the opposing team has not yet closed cork by that time. If the opposing team has corks closed, only three corks may be recorded for all-star points, not four. If further clarification is needed, please contact a League Officer.


In order to attempt to compensate players who aren’t able to add to their stats due to forfeits, all players on a team will be awarded their average match MVP points added at the end of the season if they had a forfeited match and they were the team that was available to play. For example, if a player has 2500.50 MVP points at the end of the season, played in 10 matches, and his team was forfeited against, 250.05 will be added to his total at the end of the season.  In the very rare occasion that there are two forfeits, then 500.10 would be added.  The team that forfeited or asked for a reschedule match that did not get played by the end of the season would not have their stats adjusted.  We encourage everyone to make up rescheduled matches so that they do not turn into forfeits and thus skew player’s statistics.


Spring 2024 Stats – Final

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